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Dobroplayer's Stuff You Need

All these programs are FREE

Get Explorer
This is the browser that I use the most. I highly recomend it with the full install. The only problems that I have heard of (from many friends), is with the "Outlook Express" message center. I would skip that one and stick with "Windows Messaging" or whatever you currently use.

Get Real Player
If you don't already have the Real Player you need it. There is now so much content for this format it boggles the mind. Music, video, live broadcasts, the tunes on my page. They also have the free encoders that I use to create real audio files. One of the best add-ons ever in my opinion.

Get Instant Messenger
Those folks who use AOL are already familiar with this little program. But it is now available for the rest of us. Instant Messenger lets you know when friends are online and let's you chat back and forth. I also use ICQ, but I understand that it is no longer free to download. So I am using AOL IM more and more. If you want to look me up, my login/user name is "Dobro Jon". Feel free to look me up.

Get Netscape
Ok, after all I said about Explorer, you think I don't like Netscape right? Wrong. It offers a few things that IE doesn't. I like the message center as well as the editor. Most of all, I think web pages load and display a little faster than IE. So which is best? Who cares, use them both.

You Da Man
On a page called "Stuff You Need", I just couldn't leave this out. You know?