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Dobroplayer's Audio Programs

Musician's CD Player
File Name: File Size: 95.7 K
File Date: 1998 Made By: Roni Music
Licence: Shareware Conditions: Musician's CD Player is shareware. You may use Musician's CD Player free, but you should register it.
Description: Musician's CD Player is a CD player for the PC with an integrated wave file recorder that will slow the recorded file.

Musician's CD Player is designed to allow the user to record a wave file from a CD and then slow the wave file without changing the pitch (i.e. tuning). This allows the user to listen to and learn from a slower version of the selected song or passage of the song. The program can also drop the tuning down one octave if you desire. The rate of speed (i.e. slowing down) can be set by the user. The user can also slow down a previosly recorded wave file of any type, as well as save the slowed wave file for future study. A must-have program for the musician.

Requirements: Windows 95 - PC with CD player - (Optional: A more powerful processor provides quicker file transformation.)

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File Name: File Size: 34.1 K
File Date: Aug 27 1996 Made By: Concocted*Logic' and Jim Burrell
Licence: Shareware Conditions: TwoTrak is shareware, it is not a free program. You may use TwoTrak free, but you should register it.
Description: TwoTrak is a two track stereo (4 track mono) wave file recording and mixing program.

TwoTrak is designed to allow the user to record a wave file while listening to the playback of a previously recorded wave file, and then overdub (i.e. combine) the record file on top of the play file. Using this technique, the user can create a wave file containing several instruments and/or voices, much like a song from compact disc or the radio.

Requirements: Windows 95 - Any Windows supported sound card with full duplex drivers (Optional: A more powerful processor provides better file sync with higher sampling and bit rates.)

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