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A Few Words from Me

Hey folks, Jonathan (aka Dobroplayer) here. Well it seems that it is time for an update so I hope you like the changes. Reasons for the update...well, it was time and I had the time.

I have also changed the format of the tunes so that you don't have to wait forever to hear them. I put them all in Real Audio format so that with any fairly good connection (28.8 or better) the songs will play live. The only catch is that you have to have the Real Player (it's free and you should have it, click the button on the "Stuff You Need" page to get it).

Also, by converting the tunes to this format...I now have some web space to post some new tunes. I am working on a few right now and will put them out here for all to hear shortly. As always keep the e-mails coming and I'll respond right away. If you have any requests, I'll be happy to give them a shot.

Thanks for all the support...Dobroplayer

My Inspiration

One night I sat down in front of the tube to watch a show called "The Lonesome Pine Special". This show was based out of Louisville Ky. and would feature different people each Saturday night.

Well this night the show was a singer that I had never heard of at the time called Maura O'Connell. Her band consisted of Edgar Meyer on bass, Russ Barenberg on guitar, and Jerry douglas on the dobro. As I watched that show with my jaw on the floor, I knew I would never be happy until I learned to play the dobro. This solo by Jerry about halfway through the show just knocked me out and was/is the reason I have to play this great instrument.

I made this recording from the videotape of the show. As you can tell it has been played over and over, but it still sounds good. The clip is about six minutes formatted in Real Audio. I hope you like it.

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Jerry's Solo